Personal Choices

The Medicaid-funded Personal Choices program is an option for people in certain counties in Alabama who are on the Elderly and Disabled Waiver, Alabama Community Transition Waiver, 530 Waiver, or Technology Assisted Waiver, which are home and community-based services programs. Individuals receive funds that they can spend on equipment, caregivers, or other goods and services that enable them to live in the community.

The program is administered by the Alabama Department of Senior Services in partnership with the Alabama Medicaid Agency.

For more information about this program, contact Alabama Medicaid at 800-362-1504.

Participant/Employer Forms

Biweekly Payment Schedule

Biweekly Timesheet

Change of Information

Designation of a Representative

Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement

Employer Enrollment Packet

Employment Termination Form

Participant Referral Form

Rate Sheet

Reimbursement Request

Stop Payment Request

Timesheet Instructions

Verification of Income and Employment

Worker Forms


Biweekly Payment Schedule

Change of Information

Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement

Exemptions Worksheet

I-9 Employment Eligibility

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W-4 Federal Withholding

Worker Employment Packet

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