About Palco, Our greatest privilege is serving you
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About Palco

Palco believes one of our great privileges is providing services to improve the lives of those we serve. Together we expand your choice and control to help you remain in your home and community. We are your Financial Management Service (FMS) provider. Our goal is to aid in your success as the employer of your support workers.  We assist you in hiring, paying for your choice of support workers and services, all within your state-approved personalized spending budget, and local rules.

Palco was the first FMS in the country, assisting the state of Arkansas, with their pilot of “self-direction” more than 20 years ago. You could say self-direction and Palco were the industry partners from the beginning. Today, we provide a variety of self-directed services to diverse populations across nine states. With a variety of diverse experiences and program implementations, Palco is a strong partner.

This foundation supports an unbeatable record to provide Financial Management Services, training, including payroll, accounts payable and receivable, tax calculation and processing, claims and billing, reporting, and general accounting services. We are also experts in Medicaid and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs billing.

A detailed description of Palco's accomplishments

You stay safe at home.

We provide coordinated Financial Management and Fiscal/Employer Agent Services, for older adults, people of all ages with a disability, veterans, foster children, and more. We work with government agencies, nonprofits, Managed Care Organizations, and the private sector.

Together with our partners, individuals with disabilities, veterans, people who are older, children, and others — along with their families — are provided the services and supports to live independent lives.

Our partners always give us high marks for our customer service, professionalism, responsiveness, leadership, and respect. Annual satisfaction surveys annually demonstrate 98% satisfaction, with the overwhelming majority of respondents giving Palco a 100% performance rating across the board for customer service, accuracy in payroll processing, and responsiveness.

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