Client stories, The Palco experience, as told by the people we serve

No matter if you’re called a client, consumer, or participant, you are the most important part of our job. We wouldn’t exist without people to serve. And serving you to the best of our ability is one of our biggest goals as an FMS. It’s why our mission is, “Empowering Independence” — because us helping you be independent is what we’re all about.

Your stories about your experience with self-direction are invaluable to us. After all, who better to talk about what we do than the people who use our services every day? We’ve spoken with so many of you and heard your stories. No one can talk with more experience and authority on this topic than you can!

Through visits to your homes and communities, we are grateful to be able to share the testimonials of several of our participants. Check out a few of these client stories below.

Ron Pacheco and Vicky Teran, Colorado CDASS Participant and Caregiver

“There’s always someone there to help you with whatever problem you have and they’re friendly about it and give you a more personal contact.”

The most useful tool Palco provides is their human touch. When I need help – I reach out to my Support Broker and she calls me right back.

-D.W., Palco Participant

Donna Kirk, Arkansas Independent Choices Participant

Palco’s tools and the customer care they provide helps me keep my independence.

“Palco’s customer service agents are friendly, knowledgeable, and work to solve problems during the call.  If they can’t, they always follow up with a phone call to resolve the issue.”

B.B. – Pennsylvania Support Broker
What Are People Saying About Palco? graphic with testimonials from caregivers, participants, and case managers

“The online tools are easy to find on the Palco website. It is very easy to get around well organized and breaks everything down in digestible chunks. My ten year old son could use Palco’s programs. Customer service is a huge help. All of the Palco portals are amazing – we use them daily. Including Authenticare”

R.R. – Colorado CDASS Program Participant/Employer

Pam and Robert Zotynia, Pennsylvania Caregiver and Participant

“I know that Robert will always have the support he needs through his SSPs, but also through the support that Palco offers to us.”

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Want to learn more about us and why we do what we do? Check out the About Us page to read about our role in making self-direction what it is today. Or, head over to our blog to learn more about what resources we offer to those who are self-directing.

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