Mission & Values, Our standards and the principles that guide us

Our Mission

Empowering Independence.
Sharpened by experience and amplified by modern technology, Palco advocates for people to live independent lives.

Core Values

Empowering people to live independent and quality lives through original ideas and tools that solve problems

Our all-encompassing tools revolutionize self-direction, providing solutions to business problems through modern technology.

A quarter of a century providing financial management services with unmatched industry experience.

Palco leadership strives for long-lasting partnerships forged from integrity, accessibility, and commitment to client achievement.

Our experience spans a variety of health and human services contracts. Our business practices honor diverse individuals and perspectives.

Advocating for industry best practices and incorporating feedback from end users to ensure stakeholders at all levels of the service continuum get the resources deserved.

Who We Are


We were the first FMS provider in the country nearly 25 years ago and have helped influence and grow the self-directed landscape to what it is today.

Our Home

Our headquarters are where you are. We serve a nation-wide client base, providing tools and solutions right where you are.

Tax Foundation

Palco’s ownership is 100% CPA owned and has over 50 years of public accounting experience.