Founded on purpose

Palco is founded on a sense of purpose, and that foundation still shapes the way we do business today.

In 1998, Arkansas was one of the three Robert Wood Johnson-funded Cash and Counseling Demonstration and Evaluation states that implemented participant-directed services for older adults and individuals with disabilities using the Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent (VF/EA) Financial Management Services model.

Over the years, we have grown and now provide home and community-based services to more than 10,000 clients in nine states. Palco has been providing VF/EA FMS to Arkansas since the beginning of its participant-directed program, IndependentChoices—first as a subcontractor, then as a general contractor in 2003. During the beginning development of the program, we worked with national experts. Our input helped create the operational backbone for the delivery of VF/EA FMS services for the IndependentChoices Program in Arkansas.

Leaders in the field of Self-Direction

We achieved another “first” in 2009 when we became the F/EA FMS entity for the country’s first U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs-funded Veterans-directed Home and Community-based Services (VD-HCBS) program. We are proud to have pioneered the self-directed services in this industry, which has helped many Veterans across the country.

Over the years, we have expanded our solutions to include care coordination, information and assistance, and skills training to ensure person-centeredness and monitoring of individuals’ services.