We understand the public trust placed in us and we take our fiscal responsibility seriously. Our public accounting roots mean we’re experts in all areas of financial management — particularly billing, claims processing, and fiscal agent services.
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Customer service is an essential component in establishing relationships — and, we value relationships. Our call center provides live, friendly, and prompt customer service across all of the industries we serve.
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In preparing for the 21st Century Cures Act, Palco offers an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solution that uses a simple, easy-to-use mobile application for EVV compliance along with continued access to Palco’s web portal for time approval, monitoring, reporting and payroll services. Learn More

Section 12006(a) of the 21st Century Cures Act mandates that State Medicaid agencies implement an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system for all Personal Care and Home Health Services that require an in-home visit by a provider. States that do not implement EVV will incur a reduction of Federal funding.
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Palco’s parent company is a certified public accounting firm. Its president and CEO are CPAs, with a combined 50 years of experience in public accounting.
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Palco was the first company in the country to offer fiscal/employer agent (F/EA) services for self-directed programs and helped develop industry best practices. Today, we are the industry leader because we empower individuals to take control of their own care, and we do so with transparency and integrity.
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Our trained staff develops and implements customized enrollment tools that assist individuals in accessing the programs and services that they need. Our electronic verification process allows us to conduct efficient prescreening assessments and make eligibility determinations according to any program requirements. 
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Data sharing is essential to programmatic success and decision-making. We know that it is critical for our partners and clients to assess ongoing operations through reporting on key indicators. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly extract data and compile it in a user-friendly format. Learn More

Self-Directed services are offered in all 50 states. Depending upon where you live, it may be called a Consumer Directed or Participant Directed program. Suppose you/your loved one is Medicaid eligible, an aging adult, an individual with a disability, or chronic illness. In that case, you can choose a self-directed program as a long-term care option.
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We provide support coordination, also known as support brokerage, services to diverse populations across multiple states. We pride ourselves on having the experts, training, and technology to make this process easier.
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Our experience working with self-directed programs inform comprehensive training program options. We can design programs from the ground up or work to improve existing programs.
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For more information about Palco, email us at or call our Customer Support Department at 1-866-710-0456.