Who can receive self-directed services?

Long-term care Medicaid eligible recipients who need support with their daily care due to disability, illness, or aging may qualify for self-directed care. Individuals who utilize self-direction have a desire to direct and manage the services they receive or have a trusted individual assisting with that for them.

What are the different types of self-directed programs?

  • Fiscal Employer Agent (F/EA)
  • In an F/EA model of self-direction, the person receiving services (or their designated representative) is the Employer of Record. Palco functions as your Fiscal/Employer Agent (F/EA) to assist with the administration of payroll and taxes.
  • Self-Directed Personal Care Services (Arkansas)
  • Palco offers a unique approach to the delivery of traditional in-home care by offering consumers the ability to choose who provides their care, when the care is provided, and how the care is provided. To learn more about Palco Choice in Arkansas, click here.
  • Agency with Choice (AwC)
  • AwC, or sometimes referred to as co-employment, allows the person receiving services to have a leadership role in the services they receive while Palco helps with the employer related responsibilities. Participants still have a say in who is hired and how services are received, however Palco handles all of the hiring and assists with the oversight of the care providers.

What are some of the things a self-directing employer is responsible for?

  • Recruiting, hiring, training, and managing care providers of their choice.
  • Setting rates of pay within the established program rules, when allowed.
  • Managing a set budget of funds for the purchase and payment of authorized services, when allowed.
  • Ensuring care needs are met in accordance with the care plan authorized.

How can I get started?

  • Contact Palco today to find out how to get started and get connected with the entity in your state who administers self-direction. Visit this blog post to learn more about long-term Medicaid eligibility and the process for getting enrolled in the state where you reside.