You are the expert on you!

Self-Directed services are offered in all 50 states. Depending upon where you live, it may be called a Consumer Directed or Participant Directed program. Suppose you/your loved one is Medicaid eligible, an aging adult, an individual with a disability, or chronic illness. In that case, you can choose a self-directed program as a long-term care option.

Every self-directed program, no matter what it’s called, helps you with your daily tasks. All self-directed programs allow you to remain home and, in your community, rather than moving into a long-term institution.

Plus, if you are already be working with a home care agency or participate in day-care programs, you are familiar with the lack of daily control in the schedule, caregiver turn, and who your caregiver is every day. Self-direction gives you back your choice and independence.   

You are our focus.

Palco believes one of our great privileges is providing services to improve the lives of those we serve. Together we expand your choice and control to help you remain in your home and community. We are your Financial Management Service (FMS) provider. Our goal is to aid your success in your role as the employer of your support workers.  We assist you in hiring, paying for your choice of support workers and services, all within your state-approved personalized spending budget, and local rules.

Our center of attention is on your success. Every – Single – Day.