Palco was the first company in the country to offer fiscal/employer agent (F/EA) services for self-directed programs and helped develop industry best practices. Today, we are the industry leader because we empower individuals to take control of their own care, and we do so with transparency and integrity.

We are advocates. Everything we do is person-centered. Our team understands how important self-direction programs are to families and that these programs offer many other benefits to stakeholders: cost-effectiveness, accountability, and better care.

F/EA services include participant and worker enrollment and credentialing, training, tax report filing, tracking, monitoring, billing and claims processing, financial reporting, and much more. We integrate supports brokerage with F/EA, creating a synergetic approach to program operations

We assign a single point of contact to help with all program needs. We encourage collaboration with participants, families, state agencies, managed care organizations, and others. We know a team approach creates the best results.