Tailor-made reporting solutions and on-demand analytics.

Data sharing is essential to programmatic success and decision-making. We know that it is critical for our partners and clients to assess ongoing operations through reporting on key indicators. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly extract data and compile it in a user-friendly format.

Taking Fiscal Responsibility Online.

Our remote access cloud-based FMS software has real-time reporting, dashboards, and 24/7 secure remote access. We include reporting fields that can be turned into many types of real-time reports.

FMS Features Include:

  • Near-zero downtime (for system maintenance)
  • Integrated with state’s EVV vendor system for caregiver time entry​
  • Ability to apply different SUTA rates for each caregiver, supporting individual tax rates​
  • Ability to support various budget allocation logic – Monthly, Daily, Annual Ability to run frequent Medicaid eligibility checks on all participants (active and inactive)​
  • Reporting features
  • Ability to view paid and denied timesheets, and reasons for denial​
  • Ability to view budget utilization by the participant​
  • Ability to view historical (worker) payment details, including paystubs​

Our software is continuously tested and updated to ensure accurate and streamlined reporting and security.

For more information about Palco, email us at or call our Customer Support Department at 1-866-710-0456.