Reporting Solutions

Transparency, program integrity, and quality are key components of Palco’s mission and are applied across all of the industries and sectors we serve. We embody these qualities by providing a variety of tailor-made reporting solutions and on-demand analytics.

Data sharing is essential to programmatic success and decision-making. We know that it is critical for our partners and clients to assess ongoing operations through reporting on key indicators. Therefore, we pride ourselves on our ability to quickly extract data and compile it in a user-friendly format.

Our software, built in-house, includes myriad reporting fields that can be turned into many types of reports created in real time.

Palco also offers an online Portal, allowing individuals to download forms, reports, and other information at their convenience. Our web-based electronic charting system logs care coordination, financial, and other events for a comprehensive snapshot of each client. Our software is continuously tested and updated to ensure accurate and streamlined reporting and security.