Support Coordination

Self-direction is the epitome of person-centered support coordination. It allows for the greatest level of independence for anyone who needs care in their homes, such as veterans, people who are older or those with disabilities — and their families. And, we are experts in this area.

Palco was the first company in the nation to provide services for self-directed programs. We tailor our services to Medicaid waiver programs, veterans programs, or any other home and community-based program.

Palco enables each participant to receive top-notch self-directed care — whether support coordination, case management, or customer service — thanks to our first-class call center, custom-made software, and friendly counselors who visit clients at home.

We provide support coordination, also known as support brokerage, services to diverse populations across multiple states. We teach people how to take charge of their own care. We always create and maintain relationships — and, this sets us apart.

We also provide care coordination to help our clients through program enrollment, which includes case management activities through the lifecycle of each program participant.