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Enrollment Made Easy

Palco is proud to unveil an updated version of our Intake Enrollment portal!

New Enhancements Include:

  • Simplified User Views
  • Proprietary Electronic I-9 form
  • Elimination of cumbersome state/federal forms that are not required
  • Updated data storage and management tools for information capturing and prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse. 
  • New workflow queues for fast processing
  • Configurable interfaces for program customizations and implementations made easy
  • Scalable cloud-based infrastructure with no down time

This revolutionary approach to further digitizing the self-directed enrollment will
provide end users with a faster and simpler experience. By eliminating waste and
delays often experienced by printing forms, gathering multiple signatures, and
sending in documents manually, Palco has made a historically cumbersome
FMS enrollment simple. This one-of-a-kind tool will enable states and managed
care organizations to foster growth and ensure compliance!

Contact Us

Palco: 1-866-710-0456 | customersupport@palcofirst.com

Download New Intake Resources

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