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A 25-year Story of Success
Palco has provided FMS services since 1999, starting in Arkansas, which was the first state to pilot self-direction. Our headquarters, however, are where you are. We serve a nation-wide client base providing tools and solutions right where you are. The entire company grew out of the commonsense fiscally responsible model of self-directed long term care services: A flourishing national community-based model which provides services and supports to families and their loved ones so they can receive care in their home by individuals with whom they trust, feel safe, and comfortable. This passion and drive to ensure the health and happiness of our loved ones serves as the soil for which we encourage partners to plant their future and watch it grow.

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Rooted in Finances & Fertilized by Technology
Even though the desire to assist those in needs remains at the core of our motivation, our beginnings are rooted in finance, allowing us to provide extensive expertise alongside our desire to serve our participants. Palco was built out of a CPA firm who authored the book on self-direction, helping define programmatic guidelines, developing industry standards, and providing training to national experts on the topics of payroll and tax filings within a Fiscal/Employer Agent and Agency with Choice model. Our proprietary software and partnerships allow us to provide a cutting-edge service like the benefit of paying caregivers on-demand after each shift and employer self-service tools within our portal.

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Springing into Your Community
The seeds of change are personal with every partner we serve. Palco is committed to providing the people, processes, and technology to support your self-directed growth.

Let Us Support You!

Our expertise and impeccable reputation in Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent (VF/EA) sector have allowed Palco to expand our operations to self-directed programs nationwide. As industry leaders, we serve over 10,000 self-directing participants and over 23,000 workers in multiple states.

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