Support Coordinator Toolbox

The role of a Support Broker in self-direction ensures participants and employers have the support and guidance they need to be successful in directing and managing their care. Through person-centered support, a dedicated Support Broker understands the unique needs of the participant/employer and helps educate and connect them to the things they need. Depending on the program, the role of the Support Broker can vary from quick training when a person initially enrolls in the program to monthly in-home visits with ongoing support. Support Brokers’ titles can also vary, sometimes being referred to as Support Coordinators, Brokers, Support Planners, or Consultants. Ultimately, the goal of the Support Broker is to help the participants get what they want and need out of the self-direction service delivery.

Palco’s Support Broker Toolkit is a robust resource for assisting Support Brokers with delivering quality messaging and information to those who need it. We have compiled valuable resources and information related to most frequently asked questions and topics to ensure every Support Broker has the educational materials necessary to help their participants/employers. Following education, the tools lend themselves as a leave-behind resource that can be referenced and reviewed again as necessary when the information is needed. Some of the items contained in the Palco Support Broker Toolkit include:

Recruiting Companion Guide
How to write a good job description, posting an ad, interviewing, checking references, and making an offer. Steps to request an enrollment packet/working with your Palco Enrollment Coordinator.

Employee Management Guide
Performance reviews, training , scheduling, corrective action, and termination.

Budget Management Companion Guide
Allowable goods and services, CEP overview, budget methodology information (program specific).

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Companion Guide
Reiteration of the Employer Manual regarding fraud, waste, and abuse, which is reviewed annually at a minimum with every program participant/employer.

Program Compliance Companion Guide
Used when a compliance issue is identified and requires follow-up by Palco to address corrective action.

In addition to these specific self-direction resources, it is essential to ensure other, more specialty tools, are available to Support Brokers and those they support. FMS System Resources such as training on Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), information on viewing and approving timesheets, and documentation on pay stubs, is critical. At times, various other tools that serve a broader health care audience are also crucial such as universal precaution flyers, blood-borne pathogen fact sheets, and safe lifting and moving techniques.

And of course, none of this replaces the essentials every program should provide such as self-directing employer manuals and administrative handbooks.

Information is always changing and growing. Good FMS providers and Support Brokers are always looking to evolve the services and resources available in an ever-changing world. Partnering with an FMS who is dedicated to evolving with the landscape will ensure the best quality services for self-directing stakeholders.

If your program is in need of dynamic support brokerage tools and resources, contact Palco at to learn more about how we can assist.

by Kady Predota
Senior Director of Operations

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