The Right Selection for Self-Direction

Learn about the advantages Palco’s partners have access to!


✔ Innovative modern technology with live and local service professionals answering customer support requests.
✔ 24/7 cloud-based system with configurable and customizable features to meet any program needs.
✔ Lightning fast enrollment with the capability for full FMS enrollment completion in under 3 minutes!


✔ 25 years of experience providing FMS to clients in multiple states and across a variety of diverse programs.
✔ Palco was the first company in the country to provide FMS for self-directed programs, and we have helped influence the landscape to what it is today.
✔ Our headquarters are where you are. We serve a nationwide client base, providing tools and solutions right where you are.
✔ Palco’s ownership is 100% CPA owned and has over 50 years of public accounting experience.

Get Paid Your Way

✔ Self-directed workers can receive payments directly into any bank account of their choice. If they do not have a bank account, Palco has partnered with Money Network® Service, one of the largest card companies in the country, to offer consumers a FREE Money Network Card which works just like a bank card.
✔ Palco’s partnerships and resources allow for self-directing workers to access their pay after every shift. An unmatched benefit of any of our competitors.
✔ Wages Now helps relieve the financial burden of unexpected expenses for caregivers, and it is done so with NO FEES OR INTEREST CHARGED!

Connect Portal

✔ Connect is Palco’s online timesheet and reporting portal. Connect allows users to enter their time electronically, error free, and submit it to Palco instantly.
✔ Using Connect ensures that your time does not contain missing information. It eliminates issues with paper timesheets being unreadable or distorted during transmission.
✔ Employer and worker self-service features allow for full time tracking and information management.
✔ This user friendly portal is integrated with Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) and was built with self-direction in mind.

Customer Service

✔ Live customer support! No robo calls.
✔ 98% customer satisfaction rating.
✔ 93.7% first-call resolution rate.
✔ Multi-lingual staff and support
✔ Most calls answered within 30 seconds.
✔ Call queue does not exceed 5 minutes

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by Kady Predota
Senior Director of Operations

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