Quality Customer Service Matters

The components of a good customer service team consist of creating best practices to help the company develop highly effective processes to streamline the work.  Implementing these practices can improve efficiency.  Having the ability and knowledge to respond quickly to the client’s needs allows the caller’s issues to be resolved quickly and efficiently.  Every client’s time is valuable and the better the customer experience, the better the customer satisfaction.  Knowledge of Self-Direction is needed to create effective communication when a client is working through a specific situation.  You want someone on the other end of the line that understands your issue and is empathetic to your needs.  A good customer service agent should make your experience warm and welcoming with a pleasant attitude of “How can I make your day better?” or “How can I help you resolve your issues today?”  Your Palco Customer Service Center Team at Palco has all the attributes needed to maintain a high level of performance and create a great customer service experience.  Our team is one important service that sets us apart from our competitors. We have hired and retained seasoned, loyal agents that are cross trained to build deeper connections with each other to serve you better.  We take the time to recruit the best candidates for each position and invest resources in comprehensive training to provide unsurpassed outcomes for our clients.   We are here to help! 

When you contact our Customer Service Center team you are greeted with a live agent ready to assist you with all customer service needs.   Palco has an established Customer Support Center that effectively and efficiently serves the diverse population in the self-direction model.  The Palco staff have developed trusting relationships with a wide range of Members/Representatives, their workers, and other stakeholder’s groups, fostered over many years of resolution by treating callers with respect and courtesy that reflect the principles of the department.

“I would like to let you know what a pleasure it was to talk to Phyllis. I have been so impressed with her attitude, her warm disposition, and her obvious interest in my problems and questions. Phyllis has gone way above and exponentially beyond in not only helping me to correct and resolve issues. She has always made sure that I completely understand what or where the issue and/or confusion is so whenever I am working on anything pertaining to my situation with Palco, I can do said action in the future without making the same mistake repeatedly.”

Linda S. from Colorado (used with permission)

Our comprehensive customer support system includes the following:

  • Live staffing of a toll-free telephone system from 7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. CST/CDT, Monday through Friday, except on state and federal holidays.  Ninety-five percent (95%) of calls will be live answered.
  • 24-hour dedicated toll-free telephone number and toll-free fax machines with expandable capacity.
  • Operational TTY/TDD line, at no cost to the caller.
  • Access to written and spoken translation and interpreter services at no charge to the caller.  Our call center has Bi-Lingual representatives (Spanish)  onsite and utilizes a third-party service for all other languages.
  • State-of-the-art equipment to prevent bottlenecks in daily operations
  • Callback functionality for the clients that do not want to hold, the callback functionality will save your place in line and call you back when the next available agent is ready in the queue.
  • Multi-channel communications including Chat. Benefits of chat include,
    • Live chat saves our clients the hassle of making a phone call
    • Reduces repetition by creating a written record.
    • Clients can be more productive throughout the day.
    • The Palco chat feature allows the live agent to turn the communication into a phone call if needed.

It has been our pleasure to provide customer support to our Financial Management Services partners across the country since 1999. It is with you in mind that every phone call is quickly answered by a live support agent who is willing and able to resolve your issue.

by Toni Rose
Customer Service Director

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