Pennsylvania Employers- DOL Notices

As part of our 2021 first-quarter filing with the PA Department of Labor (DOL) and Industry for Unemployment Taxes at the end of April, a prefile is sent to the state to confirm all information. From this file, we were notified of a number of individuals in need of a form to be filed with the DOL. We began the process the first week of May to prepare the forms for filing. Before we could complete the filing of the forms, PA DOL began to generate notices about the accounts on or around May 7. We have been in contact with DOL about the accounts and have asked them to refrain from sending any notices regarding the PA100. However, since each employer in PA has their own separate unemployment account it is extremely difficult for the DOL to catch all of the notices related to Palco’s filing before they are mailed out.

You may have or may soon be receiving a notice from the DOL that calls for some action on your part to correct your account filings. Please rest assured, Palco is handling this. You should not pay anything to the DOL, Palco handles that.  If you would like to send a scan or picture of the tax notice, you can email it to accounting@palcofirst.com, however, this is not required. As the Fiscal Employer Agent for your services, Palco will ensure this is handled. Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have further questions, please contact us 1-866-710-0456

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